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What is on-site health care?

On-Site health care is a comprehensive, employer-sponsored health care program offered by employers to their employees. Most modern-day on-site clinics are managed and operated by health care organizations through partnerships with employers in various industries. Due, in large part, to rising health care costs coupled with the recognition that healthy employees result in a happier, more productive workforce, an increasing number of employers have incorporated on-site health care into their business model. In 2011, it was estimated that 31% of employers with 500 or more employees utilized on-site clinics. In contrast to the work-site clinics of the past, where an organization was focused primarily on prevention and treatment of occupational injuries, today’s on-site health care has evolved into a comprehensive package of services. From prevention of chronic disease through targeted wellness programs and evaluation and treatment for both occupational and non-occupational illness and injury to facilitation of an employer’s wellness and safety strategies, on-site health care represents an essential health care solution for today’s employers.

Why partner with Johns Hopkins?

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions are known world-wide for their excellence in medical education, research and clinical care.

Johns Hopkins Number One Hospital

In fact, The Johns Hopkins Hospital was ranked #1 among U.S. hospitals for 21 years consecutively and, in 2012, maintained the #1 ranking in five specialties. Hopkins is also the honored recipient of the 2012/2013 National Research Corporation's Consumer Choice Award. For over 20 years, Johns Hopkins Medicine has partnered with employers in many industries to bring this same level of quality care to employers and their employees throughout the United States. At present, over 40 Johns Hopkins Employee Health & Wellness Centers operating in 25 states provide efficient, quality-driven health care while maintaining a historically positive return-on-investment for our corporate partners.

"Our focus is on forming long term, progressive partnerships with our clients."

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Johns Hopkins "has been great for employees and great for the company... People are actually enthusiastic about the health and wellness efforts and genuinely trust the efforts, programs, and services" offered by our Employee Health & Wellness Center.

-Market Senior Director, PepsiCo

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